Dungeon Guide: Bastion of Lok 20-24

Dungeon Guide Label - Bastion of LoK

Bastion of Lok is the first dungeon that you will encounter in TERA. It’s suitable for players to level range 20-24.


The Oblivion Woods is under attack by thieves and murderous cultists with the stated goal of bringing down the Valkyon Federation. Rumor has it they’ve fortified and occupied a network of tunnels where their evil schemes can come to fruition.

These tunnels are nestled in an area known as the Bestial Vale, and the cultists are not the only dangerous things walking around. Basilisks have breeding pits near the probable location of this secret base, and they’re none too happy to be disturbed!

How to Enter the Dungeon

While the dungeon proper is accessible to any character level 20 or higher, to get the full experience you’ll want to follow the Cultist’s Conspiracy plotline. This group of mission quests begins around level 14 in the Oblivion Woods.

Trash Encounters

Trash encounters are pretty much simple and easy. Most of them come in pairs of two and some others have a bunch of minions which aren’t tough at all to kill. Strategy of Trash mobs is classic; kill patrols first and then deal with the stable groups. If your group range is about 20-22, you shouldn’t deal with more than 1-2 groups per pull. That means about 2-4 mobs per pull. From the other side, if you have higher level players in your group, you can have bigger pulls and finish the dungeon faster.

Boss Encounters

Boss 1: Soulcrusher

This encounter has 2 phases as the most of boss encounters in TERA’s dungeons. 

Phase 1
First you have to face Tetra Aniask. She is a devas and she is very mobile. Apart from her mobility, which makes the tank to miss a bit, she is easy to kill. 

Phase 2
Once Tetra Aniask is dead, The Soulcrusher will spawn in the middle of the room. It’s a huge elemental stone golem which will make the battle to look epic enough for the first dungeon you will experience. Basically, he has 3 types of attacks:
A normal attack: It’s a slow attack which does medium damage. It can easily be blocked or dodged

An AoE jump attack: This attack deals moderate damage. Sometimes he jumps in random spots or he aggro a group member who is away from the rest of the group. If the attack hits you, it will apply a knock-down effect on you as well. So make sure to avoid it by either stay close to the tank or be ready to move out once he jumps to you.

A flame attack: This attack also deals moderate damage, but it’s easy to be dodged. Before the attack hits, a red animation circle appears on the ground, so you have 2-3 secs to move out of the circle before the fireball hits the spot.

Boss 2: Bloodbound Vulcan

This encounter is very interesting if you haven’t been prepared for it. And I personally believe encounters like this with such suspense make PvE content of TERA more attractive.

There is catch on this encounter before even start. Before entering the chamber room to face Bloodbound Vulcan, make sure you have cleared all the side rooms.If there are any enemies remaining in the rooms with the book and bookcase, they will rush in and attack while you’re fighting the final enemies. This situation will end up in a wipe if your group isn’t high enough to add all those adds at once.

At the chamber room, will be some minions accompany the  Bloodbound Vulcan. They are easy to kill so do it fast because they can be pretty annoying later on. The boss itself has 3 attacks:

A normal attack: It’s a slow attack which does medium damage. It can easily be blocked or dodged

A cleave attack: Does low damage but has a chance to knock-down and has 180 degrees angle.

A jump attack: Does moderate damage and it knocks-down if it hits. This attack has an animation of 5secs before can be activated. So you have the time to avoid it or block it. Randomly,  Bloodbound Vulcan will start walk across the room and then prepare to jump at the started point of his walk.

Finally, when he reaches 10% health, a mystic will spawn, Murdranak. He will start casting debuffs to everyone so the tank needs to get aggro fast from him and DPS kill him asap. If your group is high level, you can finish off Bloodbound Vulcan first and deal with Murdranak later. But if your group isn’t so strong, it’s recommended to switch to  Murdranak as primary target from the moment he comes alive.

This is the end of a very interesting introductory dungeon to TERA Online.

Video Source: Mechaprowler

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