Dungeon Guide: Sinestral Manor 26-30

Dungeon Guide Label - Sinestral Manor

Sinestral Manor is the second dungeon that you will encounter in TERA. It’s suitable for players to level range 26-30.


Rebellious vampirs and the Scions of Lok are working together to produce dementaliths—stones capable of warping the minds of mortal creatures—and aggravating the vampirs’ bloodthirst.

How to Enter the Dungeon

While the dungeon proper is accessible to any character level 26 or higher, to get the full experience, you’ll want to follow the Insanity Epidemic plotline. This group of mission quests begins in Poporia, and has you investigating the motives behind the vampirs’ activities.


Trash Encounters

There are two types of trash encounter into Sinestral Manor.
  • Normal Trash: These are usually patrols, minions and groups of two mobs. They are easy to kill and if your group is a bit high level you can take 2 groups at the same time.

  • Static Trash:  These mobs only appear in two spots in the whole instance. First spot is on the corridor after you left the first big hall, the second spot is on the corridor before you enter the chamber hall of the final boss.
For normal trash there isn’t anything special to say, it’s the same encounters like in all other MMOs. For static trash there are some tips.
  • Regarding the first group you will encounter, even if you can be able to kill them, it’s better to ignore them completely and move forward. They cast a sort of static field around them with low radius and they positioned too close to each other, so you can’t avoid the hits. If you move fast across the room, you won’t get hit a lot and you will save sometime from killing them. 

  • Regarding the second spot, there are two groups there. You will need to kill at least the second  because at that spot you will fight the final boss (if you follow the Unofficial strategy). These mobs are standing at the side-walls across the room. They send metalic discs to hit you. If you run across the room from the middle, you will get hit by both groups. But if you run from one side wall, you will only get hit by one group since their attacks can only reach the middle of the room.

Boss Encounters

Boss 1 (Optional): Karagon

This encounter it’s very easy and simple. But before we explain the encounter we have to say that you won’t spot Karagon with the first sight. As you arrive to the Hall, on your left side there is a small that is guarded by 2 bersekers. Inside this room is Karagon. But before you get to him, make sure that the Hall is all cleared by other mobs, then head to Karagon. Once you engage him, the encounter will start. He will move out of that room and he will go into the middle of the Hall, where he will summon some minions, which are very easy to kill with some aoe attacks. Karagon is pretty much a “tank n spank” boss type. So basically, the tank has to keep aggro and the rest just hit hard enough.

  • A normal attack: It’s a slow attack which does medium damage. It can easily be blocked or dodged

  • An AoE attack: This attack deals moderate to heavy damage and sometimes can knock back as well. It’s easy to block / dodge because it’s very slow but be cautious.

  • A shield bubble: Karagon will have this shield up most of the time, so make sure everyone throw him any debuffs which decrease armor to kill him faster.

  • Summon minions: In some point he will summon more minions if you haven’t kill him fast enough. It’s not a big deal though. These minions are pretty weak and can be killed with a couple of aoe abilities.

Boss 2: Duchess Tirania

To get to Tirania, you need to climb up the ladder which is located at the end of the long corridor once you entered the dungeon.
This is another “classic” encounter with nothing special about it. Make sure you clear the room before you engage her because she moves around. There are 3 Phases on this encounter:
Phase 1: She will use her normal melee attack. That’s pretty much it.
Phase 2: Around 65% health she will dis-engage from the tank and summon some minions and then run away. At this phase, focus to kill the adds and get back to her after.
Phase 3: She will continue attacking with melee attacks but at this phase she will use a new cone-aoe attack. So dps make sure to stay behind the tank or behind the boss.
  • A normal attack: That’s her basic attack but it has fast hit rate. It does medium damage but can easily be blocked / dodged.

  • A spray attack: A cone AoE attack in front of her which does medium to heavy damage.

  • Summon minions: She summons minions and run away.
Boss 3: Duke Vopleron
Before you start the encounter clear the room from the additional mobs. There are 3 pairs of mobs there and the middle one should be pulled with caution, otherwise Volperon will aggro you and you will have a tough fight.
This encounter is quite interesting. The boss has a lot of mobility and his attacks hit hard enough if you are not prepared for block/dodge. He does extra damage to light armored foes, so the tank needs to keep aggro on him all the time. Also dps and healer need to watch out for aggro as well. Another important thing is his Blood Curse. The healer needs to be aware about it and dispel it fast. The tank needs to know when he can attack and when he can block. Volperon’s attacks are fast and deadly and if he catch you off guard can finish you off.
  • A normal attack: It’s a combo of 2 fast hits. It does moderate damage and the hit rate is quite fast.

  • A swift spinning kick: Its a combo of 3 hits; 2 slash hits + a kick. Overall it does heavy damage and if kick hits, it can knock you down as well.

  • An aggro attack: In some point he will attack whoever has the highest aggro. It’s a combo attack again, with 2 slash attack followed by a stab. If in any case tank loses aggro and Volperon starts this attack, the tank need to taunt him immediately to split the damage between him and his team-mate.

  • Volperon’s Blood Curse: In some point randomly he will cast this curse to someone. Healers have 7 seconds to dispel this debuff from their team-mate before it drains his HP. 

Boss 4: Malgarios
Thats the final boss of the dungeon. It’s a bit tough if your group is around 26-27 but it’s quite easy if you are over 29. Before you start the encounter, clear the whole room from mobs. When you are ready to start the encounter, at the middle of the room there is a dementalith generator; some kind of statue. You need to break it to start the encounter. Once the generator is broken, you will watch a short cut-scene and the boss will spawn. Now, there are 2 strategies for this encounter. The Official and the Unofficial.
The Official – Tough strategy: You stay at Chamber Hall and you tank Malgarios at the far back corner. The reason to tank him at that spot, it’s because at 80% – 60% and 40% he will go back to the middle of the room and summon some juvenile ovoliths. So, when he moves from the tanking spot to the middle of the room, he will give enough time to your group to re-position yourselves. Once the minions are alive, DPS should focus on them and the tank should draw Malgarios back to the tanking spot. Bear in mind that at the beginning of the encounter 2 more adds will come from the previous Halls to you. But because they are far, it will take them sometime to get to you, you won’t face them straight away. There is a chance to fight those 2 additional adds at the same time that the minions are alive and this should be quite a challenge moment for your group. At the end, if your group manage such an encounter, you can leave the dungeon with a good satisfaction for a nice epic fight.

The Unofficial – Easy strategy: This is the easy way to get on with it. While for the Official strategy you can just run-pass the last 2 rooms before the Chamber Hall with disc repears, for this strategy you have to take them out, at least from the last room, because that room will be your fighting spot. Following this strategy you have 2 advantages already. First the 2 additional adds will come to you sooner because they will cover less distance since you aren’t in Chamber Hall anymore. Second, when Malgarios needs to summon his minions, he has to go back to the Chamber Hall to do it. This will give you extra time to deal with the 2 additional adds without Malgarios being present. The last point and most important is his minions. With this strategy, his minions are stuck at the left corner as you enter the Chamber Hall and won’t follow Malgarios. This means, you only fight Malgarios and the 2 additional adds. This strategy uses this “bug” of the minions. Is already being reported to En Masse / Ubisoft but is uncertain when they will fix it.
  • A normal attack: It does moderate damage but it’s slow, it can be easily blocked/dodged.

  • A roar AoE attack: It does heavy AoE damage. Tank should be ready for block or dodge and rest team-mates move away from him. A knock down would apply to the target if it hits.

  • A charge attack: It’s a combo of  4-5 brutal attacks that does heavy damage overall and push backwards a blocked lancer. A knock down would apply to the target if it hits.

  • Spit of poisoned balls: It does damage over time for a short time.

This is the end of the second dungeon of TERA Online.


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