Introduction of new features and better brand new dungeons @ Launch

En Masse released a new list with all dungeons available at launch along with some additional new feature which will be available.

The new instance dungeon matcher helps you find the right type of players you looking for, gives you significant bonuses (depending on your role) for grouping, and even sends you extra rewards when the last boss falls. Speaking of rewards, you’ll now see increased drops in all dungeons–up to double and triple the rates you’ve seen in past betas. 

Dungeon Level   Dungeon Level
Bastion of Lok 20   Ebon Tower 58
Sinestral Manor 26   Ebon Tower (Hard) 60*
Cultists’ Refuge 35   Kelsaik’s Nest 58
Necromancer Tomb 41   Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard) 60*
Sigil Adstringo 45   Labyrinth of Terror 58
Golden Labyrinth 48   Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) 60*
Akasha’s Hideout 48   Balder’s Temple 60
Akasha’s Hideout (Hard) 48*   Balder’s Temple (Hard) 60*
Ascent of Saravash 48   Fane of Kaprima 60
Saleron’s Sky Garden 53   Fane of Kaprima (Hard) 60*
Suryati’s Peak 56      
* Hard mode is intended for well-equipped characters.

New Features:

  • New dungeons added: Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, Suryati’s Peak, Balder’s Temple, and Fane of Kaprima.
  • Instance dungeon matcher. Effortlessly build a party for the dungeon of your choice–and get both combat buffs and extra loot for doing so.
  • Improved drop rates. Beat one of TERA‘s bosses, and you’ll get more and better loot.
  • Smoother progression. Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, and Suryati’s Peak have been extensively redesigned so players can experience them earlier. More than just a retuning, the redesigned dungeons feature new storylines, new enemies, and new rewards.
Source: Announcement
More Coverage: Official Site

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