En Masse Introduces new feature – Earning Reputation

En Masse released some additional information about the new launch feature; Earning Reputation. 

As you explore the world of TERA, you’ll develop a reputation that stretches across four continents. Some of the most powerful organizations in the world will send you into the action on their behalf—with the promise of stellar rewards if you succeed. 

Over time, you’ll improve your reputation with such groups as Invalesco (researchers into argon secrets), Hyderad Legacy (protectors of the natural world near Balder’s Refuge), Shariar (commandos taking the fight to the argons), Hands of Velika (a secret coalition of soldiers and merchants), Valsekyr Hunt (a society of big-game hunters) and Agnitor (sages determined to master dimension-warping nexuses).

Also, they promised that there won’t be too much grinding about it.

New Features: 

  • Daily Quests: More than just deliveries. You’ll fire siege weapons, ambush argons, and rescue soldiers trapped behind enemy lines. 
  • Hats and Masks: Change your appearance and let everyone know what you’ve accomplished. 
  • New Mounts: Don’t just ride. Ride in style
  • Green Crystals: Upgrade and customize your jewelry to match your combat role.
Source: Official Site


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