En Masse Introduces new feature – The Economy System

En Masse released to the public another new feature towards launch. This time it’s the economy system.

They improved the trade broker system with more detailed search features so you can find what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse. They also altered the currency so your high-level characters aren’t dealing with billions of gold coins. 

Another important update is the enchanting, which they’ve made it more player-friendly. The unlucky enchanters of the past could sometimes weaken their weapons and armor, but we’ve removed that penalty. And when you get a bonus you like, you can lock it into place with a new “resealing” technique.

New Feature Summary: 

  • Improved Trade Broker: Buy more, sell more, and amass your fortune even faster. Find exactly what you want without scrolling through screen after screen of irrelevant items. 
  • No-Penalty Enchantment: Upgrading your weapons and armor still has an element of chance, but you’re never penalized for an enchantment attempt. 
  • Resealing your Gear: If you like the random bonus you get on a particular piece of gear, you can reseal it to ensure you never lose that bonus. 
  • Removal of Private Stores: The economy runs through the brokers now—a bigger market than any private store could hope to match. And those private stores won’t clutter TERA‘s landscapes anymore. 
  • New Denominations: A hundred coppers to the silver, and a hundred silvers to the gold. Old prices convert to the new denominations with one old gold equaling one new copper.
Source: Official Site


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