En Masse Introduces new feature – Extra Power for Every Class

En Masse continues to release new informations regarding the New Features towards the launch of the game. This time is about class skills. They’ve added abilities that let you protect yourself with living stone, evade attacks while charging forward, aim your sword for the enemy’s jugular, and heal your party on the move. 

Based on player feedback, they changed the warrior class the most. Warriors now have skills that gradually build an “edge” of power, and then release that power with a devastating attack. The edge gives warriors a unique flow in combat, because they grow more dangerous with each passing second. 

Class New Skills
Archer Eagle’s Eye, Concussion Trap, Ensnaring Trap, Explosion Trap
Berserker Evasive Smash
Lancer Chained Leash
Mystic Warding Totem
Priest Healing Immersion, Grace of Resurrection
Slayer Measured Slice
Sorcerer Stone Skin
Warrior Scythe

 New Features: 

  • New Skills: A dozen new skills that attack, protect, and heal. Many encourage tactical play and enhance movement on the battlefield. 
  • Build an Edge: Warriors can accumulate their edge with Poison Blade, Charging Slash, Death From Above, Combative Strike, Backstab, Rain of Blows, Rising Fury, and Blade Draw. 
  • Exploit Your Edge: The accumulated edge powers some of a warrior’s best skills: Scythe, Battle Cry.
Source: Official Site


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