En Masse Introduces End Game

En Masse introduced today a special Game GuideThe End Game. Through you will find out that End Game in TERA is quite rich. There is always something to do and attract your eyes.


During your leveling progress, you encountered some epic bosses, but now – at lvl 60 – you have a chance to complete a list of achievements and earn some rare rewards.

Tougher Dungeons

At level 60, five of the most difficult dungeons have an advance difficulty called “Hard Mode“. Bringing with you your skillful gameplay and your best gear that you aquired from previous epic victories, you will have the chance to experience the wrath of evil enemies and thrilling boss encounters.

Brutal Fights 

At max level, guild versus guild combat gets downright nasty. TERA has a wide selection of PvP gear available for truly “dedicated” players, and the more of it you have, the better your chance you’ll of living long enough to counter-attack.

Become a Politician 

After level 50, a new kind of prestige opens up for TERA players: the honor of becoming a vanarch and running a province for the Valkyon Federation. This part of the game is not for everyone, and it’s certainly not a casual commitment. Vanarch candidates must first prove themselves as a guild leader, and will then need to campaign across the server in periodic elections to garner enough votes to reach office. 

Once there, though, vanarchs have the power to set and collect taxes on transactions, add (or remove) features and services in their provinces, and even enjoy a few personal perks. And it’s not just the vanarch that benefits from the process—the vanarch’s entire guild gains access to special quests and cool mounts.

Earning Reputation 

At the End Game six factions will be available to you to earn reputation with them through quests. Also in some cases, you could earn reputation by killing monsters in certain areas. Every action you take brings you closer to unlocking powerful rewards from a faction’s dedicated vendors.

The Nexus 

Across Northern Shara, the very fabric of existence is warping as the argons secure their foothold on our world. When a nexus opens, all characters in the area can join a multi-stage raid event, earning rewards for every enemy defeated and reputation with an important faction. There’s plenty of action to go around. Each nexus raid has automatically generated quests, and a party matching system to group you with other players for mutual benefit and maximum carnage.

Source: Official Site


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