En Masse Introduces new feature – Polished Experience

En Masse released today another new feature towards the launch of TERA which is improvements to some elements of the game.

Points of Interest: 

  • Improved Travel: More nonstop flights! Pegasus flights from town to town no longer fly through a major city. Players summon mounts faster to get to the action. 
  • Better Achievements: More achievements to earn, and more rewards (including gear, titles, and mounts) for doing so. 
  • Advanced Glyphs: Take your favorite combat skills up several notches. 
  • Bug Fixes: A reliable, smooth game experience from install to logout. 
  • NPC Voices: More varied voices throughout, including top Hollywood voice actors. 

If you are interested to check out the full list of content coming to TERA, please visit the New Launch Features page!

Source: Official Site


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