En Masse Introduces new feature – Improved Early Play

En Masse continues to release new informations about the game improvements towards the launch. The latest feature is the improvement of the game-play in starter areas. Instead of having the stereotyped and easy-mode quests for this stage of the game, En Masse developed a new strategy where the players get into action and learn the true action combat system straight from level 1. They’ve adjusted the storyline quests throughout the first 20 levels to challenge players as they reveal more of TERA‘s deep lore. The boss monsters in particular got upgrades they can’t wait to test out…on you!

Points of Interest 

  • Playable Prologue: You become part of a beach landing gone awry. Can you save your allies and prevent a military disaster? 
  • Badder Bosses: New tactics and deadlier attacks from early-level foes. You’ll earn those levels. 
  • Quest Variety: Dozens of new quests that take TERA far beyond repetitive “hunt,” “gather,” and “deliver” tasks, and reveal the world’s rich history and cultures.
Source: Official Site


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