TERA-EU: Open Beta – Everything you need to Know

All servers for our open beta will open on Thursday, 19th of April at 3 pm CEST / GMT +2 and they will stay open until midnight CEST / GMT +2 on Tuesday, 24th of April 2012. 

The following servers will be available during open beta:

  • Server 1: Velik – Type: PvE – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 2: Allemantheia – Type: PvE – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 3: Essenia – Type: PvP – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 4: Kaia – Type: PvE – Language: DE 
  • Server 5: Elion – Type: PvP – Language: DE 
  • Server 6: Elinu – Type: PvE – Language: FR 
  • Server 7: Callida  – Type: PvP – Language: FR 

* The amount of servers and server types are subject to change for the head start and launch of TERA. 

The level cap during open beta will be at level 32. Everyone is allowed to create 2 characters on each server. All characters will be deleted at the end of the open beta to prepare the servers for the pre character creation (name reservation) and head start for pre-order customers. 

In case you want to take part in the next phase, be sure to visit our pre-order pageand secure your copy! 

How can I join the open beta? 

Everyone who redeemed a key will be able to access the servers during open beta, this including CBT 1-5, single CBT keys, pre-order or full version keys and also sneak peek key users. In case you’re totally new to TERA and have no account or key redeemed so far, there is no need to worry, just follow the below listed steps: 

  1. Create an account for TERA or login into your existed account right here
  2. Click on the button “Enter Code” in the upper right corner. 
  3. Enter the following code: TERABETA 
  4. Click on Submit. 
  5. TERA has now been added to your game list, you can now click on the button “Download Game”. 
  6. This will download the launcher, in the launcher itself you need to login with your account details and after that the actual client download will happen.  
  7. Please be aware that you temporary need around 50 GB of free disk space. After the download and installation is complete the client will have a size of roughly 24 GB. 

In case you already participated in previous test sessions you’ll just need to download the latest client version through the launcher as a patch.

The open beta is not under NDA, so you’ll be free to offer live streams, share impressions, screenshots and videos with everyone.

Source: Official Site


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