TERA-EU: Open Beta – Patch Notes

Frogster released today the Patch Notes for the Open Beta event. With the start of the open beta they are also deploying a new client build. This build will be used for the open beta and head start of TERA, though there is a possibility for a small patch for the head start. Any player who played TERA during the last CBT he/she will need to download a patch of a size of around 4.5 GB. 

Main features and changes: 

  • Changes on the level range for instanced dungeons (see complete change list
  • New dungeons are now accessible (see complete change list
  • A tool for dungeon group finding was added 
  • Improved drop rates for dungeon boss monsters 
  • Normal and Hard mode available for several dungeons (see complete change list
  • Changes on consumables and consumable recipes 
  • New tutorial added 
  • Additional quest variety 
  • Level progression tweaks 
  • Daily Quests & Reputation system  available which offer a wide variety of quest types 
  • Accessories added (Hats & Masks) 
  • New mounts are available 
  • Green crystals added – Upgrade and customize your jewelry 
  • Private store pets and boxes of mischief were removed 
  • Improved trade broker system
  • New prologue video has been implemented 
  • Changes on enchant system – penalty removal and other improvements 
  • Adjustments of difficulty of named monsters on the Island of Dawn 
  • From now on only superior items with a grade of 10 or above are sealed when dropped 
  • Changes to the currency system – Gold, silver and copper are now displayed 
  • Improved and increased Pegasus routes 

UI changes: 

  • Added account information to the main menu
  • Improved quest UI

Source: Official Site


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