Dungeon Guide: Cultists’ Refuge 35-40

Dungeon Guide Label - Cultists Refuge

Cultists’ Refuge is the third dungeon that you will encounter in TERA. It’s suitable for players to level range 35-40.


The Scions of Lok have concentrated their forces in a remote desert temple, where they plan to resurrect fallen allies and unleash a terrible power on the Valkyon Federation.

How to Enter the Dungeon

While the dungeon proper is accessible to any character level 35 or higher, to get the full experience you’ll want to follow the Samael’s Apparition plotline. This group of quests begins at level 35 in the Val Aureum city of Tulufan, leading you through ancient ruins and challenging opponents.

The progress through the dungeon is based on activating specific wardstones. Every wardstone activation opens the path to the next part of the instance. The following map shows in what order you have to proceed. 

Part 1: Way to the First Wardstone 

It is located in the middle of the map and is the first room straight forward as you enter the instance. The wardstone is guarded by minions imps, a wraith and spike traps. The encounter is very easy, make your way to the center by avoiding the traps, kill the imps first and then the wraith. The wraith does some aoe lightning but it can be dodged very easy.

Part 2: Way to Galanos and the Second Wardstone 

By activating the first wardstone, the path to the east – right side of the instance in your mini map – is now open. The first room is full of skeletons, who stand next to some barrels. Before your tank pulls every group, let your ranged dps blow up the barrels. They will cut skeletons’ health down to 40%. There are also some other undead mobs in the room which aren’t in group. Beware of the undead who stands at the door – at the end of the room. If you pull him straight away, the other 4 undeads will aggro. For this reason, is better to kill the other mobs first and leave the undead under the door for last.

The next room has two types of mobs; minion imps and stationary golems. You don’t need to fight the golems because they are melee and they don’t move. So basically keep your way out of them and you will be fine. Minion imps isn’t anything special, let your tank pull them in one spot and aoe them. There is one golem standing under the door of the next room. Your tank need to pull it out of the way of the Leash skill and be ready to get attacked by another group of imps. Once the golem is pulled out, don’t fight it. Just kill the imps and proceed to the next room.

This room can be skipped if you have completed the “Dark Dreams Sundered” quest line.

If not, then you have to talk to Jelena’s Sister, Davina and face the encounter. Before you talk to her, clear out the room from patrols and other mobs. Bear in mind to pull mobs away from Davina, otherwise she will engage and the encounter will start. After you cleared the room, it’s time to talk to Davina and start the encounter. You will need to protect her from wave attacks and you will have a count-down of 5mins. During that time, groups of mobs will be spawn. As the time passes tougher mobs will be spawn so beware of aoe attacks. Also, bear in mind that Davina is a warrior, which means her survivability isn’t the best. For this reason, it is recommended to fight all mobs away from her, so she won’t engage in combat and the overall encounter would be easier. If she survived after the 5mins passed, you successfully completed this part of the quest and you can move forward to the next part.

Boss 1 Encounter: Galanos

At the sealed door before the last room of this of Part 2 there is an obelisk. Click on it to open your way to Galanos. In this encounter you have to watch out two things. His cleave attack which is a red circle in the ground and his move to the center of the room. His cleave attack will do massive damage to anyone who stands inside the circle, for this reason all except the tank should move out of circle asap they see it. The second point is about when Galanos moving to the center. Don’t let him go there or he will summon adds. Although these adds are weak, can be annoyed at some times. Interrupt by movement debuffs or if you have a lancer in the group, he can pull him away from the center with his Leash ability. For this reason, it is recommended to tank him as far as you can from the center. This will give time to your to react more effectively. Once you killed Galanos, active the Second Wardstone which is located at end of the room; at Galanos’ spot before you engaged him.


  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • AoE Mace Cleave Attack: It does massive damage and knock-downs. Before it lands, a red circle would appear on the ground. DPSers and Healer should move out fast before the attack hits. Also, the Healer should be ready to heal any heavily wounded player who didn’t make it out on time. 
  • Summon Minions: At 80% and then every 1min Galanos will head to the center to summon minion at his biding. Interrupt him with movement debuffs or Lancer’s pull ability Leash.
  • Shockwave: It does mediocre damage and applies a damage debuff to anyone in a cone angle in front of Galanos

Part 3: Way to Bhaozurbas and the Third Wardstone

Once you killed Galanos, head back to the start and follow the path to left – west side of the instance. In the first room, clear the mobs out but ignore the ones who are located at altar on the left side of the room as you enter. Be cautious not to pull too many groups together because you will have hard time surviving.

As you proceed to the next room, you will see a few groups mobs which have one sorcerer and minion scorpions. Sorcerers do moderate damage with their spell balls and scorpions apply debuffs to whoever they aggro. For these reason, is recommended to tank them in one spot all together and just aoe them. Make sure to clear out the room completely. In case you don’t, any mobs left, they will aggro at the next encounter.

Your way ahead has a staircase and a big landing point which works as cross-roads as well. At that point there is another group of foes that you have to face. It’s better to pull them back to last room or tank them at the landing point, but in noway at the staircase because you will create Line of Sight (LoS) problems to your healer and to your dps as well.

After this fight is over you have two options:

  1. Straight ahead lays Bhaozurbas but his door is sealed. If someone from your group has completed the main quest you can open the door by using the scroll which you get from Terkasia
  2. If none in your group have completed the main quest, you have to head right and down the stairs High Pristess Akia. In this case, after you kill the final boss, Terkasia, you can head your way back and face Bhaozurbas

Boss 2 Encounter: Bhaozurbas

Bhaozubras can be a smooth encounter if anyone knows what to do, or it can be turned to a nightmare if people aren’t cautious. The fight is similar to Galanos with some additional abilities. The tank again, needs to tank him away from the center of the room, because at some point he will go there and summon clone adds who hit hard. Also, ranged dps and healer beware of his aggro because he can teleport to you. He also has a charge ability and shockwave spell, dps and healer needs to get out of the way before the attacks land.


  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Aggro Teleport: If he aggros any ranged dps or healer, he can teleport to him immediately. So make sure your tank keep aggro on him all the time. 
  • Shockwave: It does moderate AoE electricity damage on a cone angle in front of him. There is an animation before the attack lands where he put his hand to the air. DPS and healer have the time to move behind him or at the side before the attack hits. 
  • Summon Clones: At some point he will go to the center and summon clone adds. Try to interrupt him with movement debuffs or if you have a Lancer to your group, he can pull him off with his Leash ability. In case you fail to interrupt him and the clones spawn, everyone try to avoid them and focus on Bhaozurbas. The clones eventually will disappear. 
  • Charge: It does moderate damage. Be ready to dodge / block and dps move out of his way. 
  • Electricity Nova: It does major damage to everyone who stand inside the red circle. Anyone else except the tank move out of the circle asap you see it. 

Part 4: Way to Terkasia and Fourth Wardstone

If you already killed Bhaozubras or you are just at the landing spot, head east down the stairs to the next room. This room can be skipped, hug wall at the left side as you entered and move towards the door that leads to another stairway. If you get some mobs aggro on you, kill them and move forward. Remember, if you mobs following you at the stairway, don’t fight at the stairs. Pull them at a landing point where everyone will have Line of Sight (LoS) 100%. Next room is High Pristess Akia

Boss 3 Encounter: High Pristess Akia 

At the middle of the room there an NPC called Akia, talk to her to trigger the encounter. Like the other encounters, she has a shockwave cone attack and one aoe chain attack with a red circle on the ground. In some point will also cast blue circles on the ground which have higher radius than red ones and apply a damage over time (DoT) to everyone who stands on it. Sometimes, the boss stands inside the blue circle. In this case, the tank need to lure her out of the circle by using Leash ability if he is Lancer or just kite her away if he is Warrior.


  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Shockwave: It does moderate AoE electricity damage on a cone angle in front of her. DPS and healer have the time to move behind her or at the side before the attack hits. 
  • Chain AoE Attack: She will lift herself to the air and cast a red circle on the ground which damage everyone who stand on it followed by another electricity aoe attack. Both attacks can be interrupted with stuns. 
  • Damage Over Time (DoT) Attack: In some point, she will cast blue circles on the ground. Anyone who stands on it would have a damage over time (DoT) debuff on him. Move out fast and healer be cautious to cleanse any party member who has the debuff. 

Boss 4 Encounter: Terkasia

This is the final boss of the instance. To trigger the encounter, you need to click on the book as you enter the room. Terkasia has the classic red circle aoe electricity attack, shockwave and charges. The additional ability that this boss has is a powerful aoe chain attack. Basically, in some point it shouts: “Arrgh ! I tired of these irritations.” Then he cast an aoe electricity attack followed by another red circle attack on the ground. Everyone should be aware of its shouts. Other than this, it’s a pretty straight forward encounter.


  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Charge: It does moderate damage on a straight line in front of the boss. DPS and Healer should move out of its way. 
  • Tentacle Shock: It hits the ground with its tentacles doing mediocre damage followed by a shockwave cone attack in front of it. 
  • Shout Attack: It does heavy damage followed by a red circle aoe electricity damage on the ground. 

After you kill Terkasia, you will receive a scroll which will help you to open the door to Bhaozurbas. So, if you haven’t kill him yet, head back and face him !

This is the end of the third dungeon of TERA Online.
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