Media: Top 5 videos of the week [17-24 of April]

From now on, every Tuesday, we will present you the top 5 videos that have been uploaded in the last 7 days. The criteria are based to our personal taste, so if some people don’t like them that’s ok. Every opinion is respectable and acceptable. The content is all about TERA – PvP, PvE, Guides, Trailers, etc.

  1. How to level your Guild: An interesting short guide which shows what is needed to level up your guild. Uploaded by TDKPyrostasis

  2. Weapons and Armor Enchanting Guide: This is another guide which showing how to enchant your weapon and armor.  Uploaded by TDKPyrostasis

  3. Fane of Kaprima Dungeon [HARD] – Last Boss Kaprima: This video came from Korean TERA and it’s interesting to see how some end-game dungeons / encounters look like.  Uploaded by nalfen

  4. GvG – Die for Honor vs Luciform: A Guild vs Guild deathmatch from EU Open Beta.  Uploaded by Shadechidna

  5. Warrior PK: This video has some interesting 1v1 fights, its pking but the opponents are the same level as the pker.  Uploaded by CelestialEmpireTera



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