TERA-EU: Newsletter

Frogster released yesterday a Newsletter to the community which gives additional infos about the game regarding some questions from the Official Forums.


Hello to all TERA fans out there, 

Last weekend, there were many questions and discussions on all TERA-related boards regarding the recent changes to the game. We are now able to provide more details on these issues. 

We want to let you know that we heard your message, loud and clear. We sincerely ask you to understand that we take all these issues very seriously. 

As you have all noticed, the blood effect slider was removed from the OBT client. We want first of all to apologise to you for not communicating this change as it should have been. We understand the importance of being transparent with our community. 

Developing and publishing a game requires the cooperation of many teams, so in order to give you comprehensive and accurate feedback, some issues need to be discussed and deliberated amongst our various departments. And this particular case underwent the same procedure which led to a response time longer than you had expected. 

After intensive deliberation both internally and with our developer, we have decided that the gore slider will be back with the original three different graduations and blood will still be spread on the ground during combat. This change will take effect shortly after the release of the game, planned for the middle of May, through a patch.  And just to be clear, the game-play experience will not be compromised and none of the TERA environments were or would have to be modified due to this change. 

The European release version of the game will still have to be slightly different from the North American and Korean build: the only threat to our 12+ classification was the blood splattered on your screen when you are slaying certain monsters. This effect is slightly modified in the European version.
Another comment we read a lot this weekend was linked to some alleged modifications on some physical attributes and some armour pieces. We would like to give you some insight on those topics. 

Elins were once more pointed at. Yes, the appearance of the Elins has been changed in both northern American and European version of the game. Not to comply with a demand from any official board, but because those characters in particular could have attracted to the game a population of unsavoury users, and it is part of our responsibility to protect our younger audiences from them.  All partners involved in the project decided to ask Bluehole Studios for a solution, so they created new textures and designs for Elin wear. We are sure you all agree that this effort for child protection was the right thing to do. We all did, here, at Frogster. 

Some of you also raised questions over reduction in the breast size of certain races, or some armour, which were not as suggestive as they used to be…, in the very first Korean TERA closed beta. We want to underline the fact that these changes are present in all versions of the game worldwide, including the original Korean version. 

Many of you have a long history with MMO games, and we are sure you are familiar with updates and changes. Unfortunately, we might have to, at some point, postpone the release of certain features, because we feel like they need some more balancing or further testing. This is the case for the guild emblem feature. It has never been declared by any Frogster official that this feature was going to be removed permanently. It is only temporarily absent from the game, until a solution is found to allow a proper moderation of its use, so we can avoid you being exposed to potentially illegal or offensive content. We have a responsibility towards our audience we take very seriously. 

Several possibilities are currently being considered, like a webpage added to the official website which would allow players to submit their emblem for the community managers’ approval before it is actually introduced into the game, or a community approval system asking a committee of players to make sure the submitted logos match the game rules. All the solutions we come up with would need an intervention of the developer at some point of the process. It might take some time, but we are already working on it. 

Again, we apologise for not informing you in advance on this one, and we will do our best to keep you in the loop on further developments. We really hope that we have addressed the concerns you have about TERA. 

Wishing you a very pleasant last day on the open beta, 

Your Frogster Team

Source: Official Site


One response to “TERA-EU: Newsletter

  1. i loled!

    the guild emblem feature is the most epic fail you guys ever did. MANY other games have that features! see lineage2, Ragnarok Online etc and they dont have that problems as you point it out (for that are Game masters) i mean who does check character names? you would have to forbid them too since just a minor censor system would not help too.

    so removing the emblems and making a problem out of NOTHING is just retarded (sorry for telling the truth).

    to check that the emblems are w/o offensive content you have your game master team so they should work for the money they get!

    yet who does check the right content of character names?

    ask your self the question!!

    (and dont come up with the solution that you have to send in your character name and wait for an approval) pluss if you cant make up names wich could offend ppl than its SAD that you actually having trouble with the emblems!

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