TERA-EU: Details about PCC, Head Start and Launch

Frogster released yesterday additional information regarding Pre Character Creation (PCC), Head Start and Launch of TERA Online.


On Thursday, the 26th of April 2012 the pre-character creation (PCC) phase will begin for TERA. 

Only players who pre-ordered TERA and redeemed a valid key will have access to the upcoming stages. 

Please note, there will be no more character wipes at this stage. 

You can still pre order and qualify for the exclusive bonuses. 

We’ll start the PCC with the below listed server setup. We’ll add further worlds if needed! 

Server setup for PCC & head start 

  • Server 1: Velik – Type: PvE – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 2: Essenia – Type: PvP – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 3: Kaia – Type: PvE – Language: DE 
  • Server 4: Arachnea – Type: PvP – Language: DE 
  • Server 5: Elinu – Type: PvE – Language: FR 
  • Server 6: Callida  – Type: PvP – Language: FR 

Pre Character Creation – Details 

You’ll be able to create your character and reserve your name starting on the 26th of April at 00:00 CEST. The process will be available until the 26th of April at 23:59 CEST. Please note, that you’ll be able to create one character per account during this stage. You’ll be able to delete a character again and create another one though. On this day you won’t be able to enter the game servers, you will just be able to create and name one character per account! 

You’ll be able to create 8 characters per server with the head start but for the name reservation / PCC stage you’ll only be able to create and reserve one character spot and name per account. This step will help us to balance out the server population prior to the head start. 

Heads Start – Details 

The head start will begin on Friday, 27th at 3 pm / 15:00 CEST. The access to the head start will end on Tuesday, 1st of May at 23:59 CEST. The cap for the head start will be level 38. 

After that we’ll prepare the servers for the launch on the 3rd of May 2012. 

Launch – Details 

The launch for all players will happen on the 3rd of May at 12:00 CEST. At this time the level cap of 38 will be removed and pre-order and normal players, who have redeemed a valid key, will have access to all available servers.

Your Frogster Team

NOTE: Due to the big load of specific servers, Frogster added 3 additional servers during the day 26th of April 2012. These new servers are the following: 

  • Server 1: Allemantheia – Type: PvE – Language: EN/EU 
  • Server 1: Samael – Type: PvP – Language: EN/EU
  • Server 1: Elion – Type: PvE – Language: DE
Source: Official Site


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