The 5 most important tips to become a successful Vanarch

TenTonHammer recently had an interview with TERA Producer Chris Hager, of En Masse Entertainment, about the political system in TERA Online. He spots on the 5 most important elements that will make you a successful Vanarch in realm of Aborea.

  1. Have a good Guild behind you
    If you don’t have a guild that’s willing to support you, campaign for you, and work to get you elected, you won’t make it in an election. If you do win, but your guild isn’t supportive, you won’t be able to earn enough policy points to keep your promises. In TERA, that actually matters.
  2. Have a good political plan
    Players in the game want to know you have a plan for their province. What’s important to them? Make sure you know what that is and make sure that the hot topics for your server are a part of that plan. You don’t elect you, the people do.
  3. Be helpful for the community
    Like real politics, people want to see you out and leveling/helping in the community. Make yourself and your guild a presence in the province where you’re running for Vanarch, and let people see you’re there to help. Remember, nothing says integrity like helping a group take down a BAM.
  4. Know how to play TERA
    Players want someone running their province who knows what they’re doing in-game. You need to offer to help people and give pro tips to newbies and vets alike!
  5. Follow what you promised to do
    Campaigns are about promises – what you’ll do when you get into office, and how you’ll help players in your province. If you don’t follow through with those promises, you’re likely to get ganked in your own province. Seriously, the best way to make a good name for you and your guild (and set up for a successful re-election) is to follow through on promises and work hard at being a good Vanarch.
Source: TenTonHammer


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