Political System F.A.Q.

Frogster released yesterday some interesting informations about the Political System in TERA for new comers and veterans. 

The first elections for the vanarchs of the different provinces of TERA will be held a few weeks after the launch. 

At this time the first guilds will be ready to let their leaders run for the office of a vanarch and we’ll have the proper high-level characters and structures in place. This is important so that a lot of players will be able to participate at the first vanarch elections on all our servers. 

Once the actual announcement for the election goes out, every candidate will have one week time to convince the others to vote for him. This phase will be vital, so the guild and candidate itself should be prepared at this point, if they want to succeed and rule a province. 

But even if you’re not part of the guild whose leader is running for the position of a vanarch, you’ll still have the option to cast your vote and help to find a proper leader for the different provinces. 

Not everyone of you might be aware of how the system works, therefore we wrote down the information you need to know in order to be ready for the first election phase. 

A vanarch – what exactly is that? 

The vanarchs in TERA rule one of the provinces on a server, they will be able to set the taxes and choose other important things for their region. Once a vanarch has been selected as a ruler of a province he’ll be in charge of that region for one month. After that, the next election stage will begin. 

That sounds great! Who can actually run for the office of a Vanarch? 

For now the possible candidate for the office of a vanarch must have reached at least level 50 with his character and also needs to be a leader of a level 3 guild with at least 20 members in it. If you want to raise the level of your personal guild you need to earn Cathanarch awards, which can be received by completing guild quests. In total you and your guild will need to earn 70 Cathanarch awards in order to raise the level of your guild to 3. 

Please note that you’ll need 100 additional Cathanarch awards and 3000 gold if you want to apply for the office of a vanarch of one province. Once you paid this fee you can register for one province on your server and provide a special statement to convince players to vote for you. Everyone who wants to become a vanarch needs to register for his desired province before the election deadline is over. 

Who can actually vote and help the candidate to gain power over a certain province? 

The election is possible through a popular vote. In order to vote for a candidate you’ll need to have a character with at least level 20 on your account, so you’ll get one vote on that server. 

I would like to become a vanarch, what provinces can be ruled in TERA? 

There will be 15 provinces available for possible vanarch candidates: 

  • Island of Dawn 
  • Ostgarath 
  • Arcadia 
  • Val Aureum 
  • Val Parada 
  • Val Elenium 
  • Val Kaeli 
  • Val Tirkai 
  • Poporia 
  • Westonia 
  • Essenia 
  • Veritas 
  • Sylvanoth 
  • Lorcada 
  • Helkan 

How should I convince other players to vote me? 

There will be a lot of different ways for that. First of all it might be very helpful if you are known to the players on the server at least in a certain area of the server. This includes of course your own guild as well, if you help beginners a lot you might be known by the player base just for that fact and they might reward you, by voting for you, if you run for the office. 

You can of course also use the official server forum and your guild website and promote not only your guild but yourself as a guild leader and convince other players that way to vote for you. Besides those channels you could also setup a special twitter account for your campaign or even create a video with the help of your guild. 

Remember you’ll need the assistance of your entire guild if you want to succeed, as a lot of gold and Cathanarch awards are needed in case you even want to be part of the election stage for a position of a vanarch. 

Please be aware that there might still be changes coming to the political system, but with the information above you’ll be ready for the upcoming first election in a couple of weeks!

Source: Official Site


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