TERA-US: Inaugural Election Details

En Masse announced recently the beginning  of elections in TERA which will start on the 18th of May. The Political System is on them move and everyone who is interested to take place on these election should already have prepared themselves with their political campaigns ! 

The time to reign in TERA is upon us! Starting May 18, guild leaders who wish to declare their candidacy for a vanarch position, can. What is a vanarch? Vanarchs are an integral part of TERA‘s political system. This is an elected position that lets you reign over an entire province for three weeks. Start planning your campaign with our vanarch election calendar

Elected vanarchs can collect taxes from vendor shops, set tax rates, decide which specialty shops to open in a province, and gain fame for themselves as well as their guilds. Vanarchs will be known across the realm—hopefully for good reasons! 

There are three parts to the political cycle: the registration stage, the voting stage, and the reign stage. The registration and voting stage last one week each, while the reign stage lasts for three weeks and overlaps the next occurring registration and voting stage. 

The registration stage is when guild leaders can announce their candidacy. So, if you want to run for a vanarch position, you will have one week to fulfill the registration requirements: be at least a level 50 character who is the leader of a level three guild with at least 20 members, and pay a candidacy fee of 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach awards. We’ll close applications at 6:00 PM Pacific on May 25. 

At that point, the voting stage begins. This is when vanarch candidates need to get their names out there on their servers, and convince players to vote for them. There are many ways to do this, some more nefarious than others. Every game account gets one vote for each of the three continents per server. If you’re running, make sure your guild members vote for you! The candidates with the most votes by 6:00 PM Pacific on June 1 will be one of our first vanarchs, a first that will never be repeated in TERA again! 

Don’t get too comfortable in your position, though. While your reign is three weeks long, the registration process will open again just one week after you take office. If being a vanarch is something you take a liking too, you’ll have to apply, campaign, and get elected all over again! 

Curious? Want to learn more about the ins and outs of TERA‘s political system? We’ll be adding a political system section to our Game Guide next week! Good luck to all of our applicants. We’re excited and can’t wait to see the results of this first election cycle!

By En Masse

Source: Official Site


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