Dungeon Guide: Fane of Kaprima 60

Dungeon Guide Label - Fane of Kaprima - Normal

Fane of Kaprima is one of the End-Game dungeons, suitable for players to level 60.


This dungeon introduces some new boss encounter mechanics compared to the previous instances and requires more team work.

Normal Mode


After the first boss, its recommended to take a left turn as short-cut to the next boss. In some point, you meet some sorcerers and snake mobs. You can run pass those, sorcerers are stationary and snakes don’t aggro your group, but they do AoE damage abilities which can knock you down and kill you pretty fast. For this reason, is better to run pass those mobs as group.

Boss 1 Encounter: Logran & Egrecia

The success to the first boss comes down to a key mechanic element. You will be fighting Logran for the whole encounter, but you have to keep an eye on Egrecia because she is the key to your success along with some additional elements. Egrecia is standing on a balcony behind Logran. During the fight she will jump down quite often and once she lands she will cast a powerful spell which will kill anyone in the room 1-shoted. To counter this deadly attack your group needs to destroy one of the 4 pillars which will spawn on the room once the encounter is started. Everytime you destroy one pillar, it will give your group a bubble which last 5 seconds and immune any incoming damage. This is where team work and good timing comes into place. You need to timing blow attacks to pillars according to Egrecia. Egrecia will instant cast her deadly spell once she hit the ground, not when she jumps or when she is on air. You have to keep this in mind, otherwise you will waste the pillars’ buff and you will wipe. The best way to achieve this timing coordination is to damage the pillars down to 1-2 hits – kill blow. This way, will give you enough time to just destroy the pillar instantly while Egrecia is on air and having the buff on you for enough time once she hits the ground. The good news are the pillars pop up straight up once the encounter is starting and Egrecia is doing her first fall at around 80% of Logran’s HPs. This means that you can start damaging the pillars down to 1-2 hit before they get destroyed and once Egrecia is falling, you just 1 – hit – kill bow; destroy the pillar to receive the immune damage bubble. If your group manage to execute this strategy to the letter, you will have a smooth – interesting encounter with no deaths.

Except this unique mechanic, Logran is doing the usual BAM’s abilities. It is  recommended to tank Logran at the middle of the room to keep pillars safe from his AoE attacks. You don’t want to have Logran close to a pillar and it gets destroyed by his abilities in wrong time. Although shit happens some times, Egrecia’s attack can be dodged by abilities like Death from Above (Warrior’s skill), but for sure not all classes have such abilities to stay on air long enough before Egrecia’s spell wears off.



  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Charge: Randomly he will charge with a jump combo and hit everyone in his path. It does moderate damage.
  • Cleave: A heavy attack that damages anyone to an arch of 180°. 
  • Stomp: He will jump at his spot and damages anyone near him with moderate damage. 
  • Jump Attack: It does moderate damage and jumps to a random location. Because of this movement ability, you will need to keep him away from your 1-hit-fragile pillars. 


  • Finger of Death: 1-shot-kill AoE ability which is casted once Egrecia hits the ground and its applied to the whole floor of the room.

Boss 2 Encounter: Agarta

This is a familiar looking crab boss like the ones you fought in Sandbar’s Beach. This encounter is pretty simple, avoid the tube spikes, don’t panic and you will have great success.

Points of Interest

  1. Metal Spikes: The perimeter of the room is full of those metal spikes. Don’t get near them and you will be fine.
  2. Agarta’s Drills: The room has 4 huge tubes which get extracted to drills once you receive the message “Agarta’s Drill is moving“. At this point, you need to be standing on the right location so you won’t get hit by those drills. There are 2 safe locations. You can either stand between the 2 active drills or at the opposite side of the room. The drills won’t reach the opposite side.
  3. Backstab Tail Attack: This is the powerful ability of Agarta. It delivers deadly damage to anyone who stands behind him. For this reason, its recommended your DPS to stand at the sides of Agarta instead of the rear.


  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Backstab Tail Attack: It delivers deadly damage to anyone who stands behind him. DPS is recommended to stand at the sides of Agarta.
  • Front Combo Attack: He will make a combo attack forward delivering moderate damage to anyone who stands in front of him
  • Push and Static Jump: He will push anyone in front him backwards and then jump on the air. Landing on the ground will deliver heavy damage to anyone who stands near him
  • Cleave: It does heavy damage to everyone in an arch of 180°. 

Boss 3 Encounter: Kornus

This is another interesting encounter that you will experience in this instance which requires team work again. The room is split into 2 sectors by a bamboo wall. When Kornus is at 70% and 35% you will receive a message that you have to kill Egrecia which is spawn to the 1st sector of the room. One of your group members needs to go there and kill her.

Points of Interest

  1. Guardian Priest Portal: When Kornus is at 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% a Guardian Priest Portal will be spawn at the side of the room. It will put a de-buff to anyone which will drain their mana IF they are in close range to each other. So make sure once the portal is up, your group members have a safe distance to each other, otherwise their mana will be disappear in few seconds. Also, at that moment your DPS need to be in range of the portal to destroy it as fast as they can. IF for any reason your DPS didn’t manage to destroy the portal fast enough, a Priest will be spawned which will deliver high damage to your tank or to your DPS with the highest aggro. For this reason, you need to focus to kill the Priest first and then switch back to boss.
  2. Egrecia: When Kornus is at 70% and 35% you will receive a message which tells you to kill Egrecia in the other room. At this point, one of your DPS needs to move to the other room. Along with Egrecia another 3 mages will be spawn who will cast fireballs to you. The only way to kill Egrecia is with the fireballs that mages throwing to you. This means, you need to move accordingly the fireball’s move so the fireball will find Egreciato it’s path and hit her instead of you. You have to bear in mind that a level 60 character can stand 2-3 hits from fireballs. You can use the following options for survivability for this case.
    • The player who set to kill Egrecia has some healing pots with him/her
    • Your healer can be stand close to the baboo wall so he can be in range of both tank and Egrecia’s killer
    • IF you have a mystic on your group, he can put healing orbs to that room before the whole boss encounter starts
    • The player who set to kill Egrecia has exceptional dodge skills (as player not as class) and orbs won’t hit him/her

    IF your group didn’t manage to kill Egrecia in time, she will cast many overlapped red circles on the boss’ room which will deliver high damage to anyone who stands on them. Although the room would be pretty much filled with those circles, there will be some blind spots where you can stand to avoid the damage.



  • Normal Attack: It does normal damage and is slow, it can be dodged / blocked easy. 
  • Counter Attack: It does moderate damage and is identical to Lancer’s ability with the only difference that he won’t need to get a block before he uses it. 
  • Charge: It delivers heavy damage and is identical to Lancer’s charge.

Boss 4 Encounter: Kaprima

This is the final boss of the instance and requires a lot of movement by all group members. This encounter is all about the boss’ abilities and how you can avoid their damage. There isn’t any mechanics that get involved in this fight except of his attacks.

Points of Interest

  • Scythe of Flames: He puts multiple circles in front of him and delivers high fire damage to anyone who stands inside them. DPS / Healer avoid to stand in front of him.
  • Deadly Manoeuvre: Randomly he will turn around and hit the floor with his scythe. He delivers high damage to anyone who stands behind him. DPS / Healer avoid to stand behind him. Safe spots are only on the sides of him but also in safe range of him. 
  • Death of 360: Delivers high / 1-shot-kill to anyone who stands near him. IF you have melee dps on your group, make sure they use their dodge abilities on time to avoid this deadly attack. 
  • Finger of Death: 1-shot-kill AoE ability. He will randomly target a group member and put a red circle on the ground. The only way to avoid this attack is to get out of the circle. In this case, the circle is following the player for some seconds. If you are targeted by this, you need to wait until the circle frost in place. That is the moment you need to use to dodge ability and jump out of the circle. You also need to be aware that this is an AoE attack, so you need to move away from your group members when you are locked by this ability. 
  • AoE Chain Pull: He will chain pull anyone to him and right after he will cast a pentagram on his feet following by a deadly 360° attack. As soon as you get control of your character again after his chain pull, move away from him fast. 
  • Shout – “Puny creatures I ll kill you all” : He will cast a pentagram on the floor but this time, the damage is delivering is much higher so you just need to move out of it really fast. 
  • Shout – “You are mere flies compare to my might” : He will cast the same pentagram on the floor with the same deadly damage but with double the range this time. Although the visual effect is the same as the previous shout, it’s quite deceiving to it’s actual range. So you need to move out really fast and really far away. 
  • Summon Runic Obelisk: From 50% and every 10% afterwards, he will cast a runic obelisk to the middle of the room. Right after this he will chain pull everyone to him. Then the obelisk will disappear and a giant snake statue will spawn somewhere to the room. At this point, he will cast a pentagram which will catch the entire room and being draw the floor a bit slow. Once the drawing is finished, Kaprima would be already located in the middle of the room and 1-shot anyone who doesnt stand behind the snake statue !! So, basically once he chain pull you to him, run out, find the snake statue and stand behind it. 

A detailed walk-through of Fane of Kaprima Dungeon

This is the end of Fane of Kaprima.

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