SWTOR – Space Mission Guide: Introduction to Space Combat

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Space Combat in SWTOR is more likely an arcade mode of the game. Your ship has a fixed route to follow from the beginning to the end of the mission and you just need to shoot enemies and avoid objects on your path. All the missions, during the leveling process, are pretty easy to accomplished, especially when your ship can out-gear the content.

Once you got to high end there are 3 missions which offer some kind of challenge to newly grade 5 pilots. These 3 missions are:

  • Aeten Defence [E] – Kalee Fortification [R]
  • Clouds of Vondoru [E] – Zosha Advance [R]
  • Ascendancy Barrier [E] – The Impossible Sector [R]

With the Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate, the grade level for ships increased to 7 and also new heroic missions added. Those missions have some challenging flavor if you are not cautious even with a full grade 7 ship upgrades.

  • Lorta Escort [E] – Hypori Escort [R]
  • Far Cradle Strike [E] – Regnant Station Assualt [R]
  • Kanz Minefield [E] – New Cov Asteroid Field [R]
  • Kabal Station Defense [E] – Ardis Outpost Fortification [R]
  • Cha Raaba Assault [E] – Thanium Disruption [R]
  • Duma Strike [E] – Baros Ambush [R]

Tips for success

These high end heroic missions can be tough for some pilots or for those who would like to try them without having grade 7 ship upgrades. Yes, it’s possible to accomplish those missions without a full grade 7 upgrades, although you won’t be able to complete all the bonuses along with “secret bonuses” as well. Here are some tips to successfully accomplish those missions:

  • Learn your Route

Learning your ship’s route is the most important factor in space combat in SWTOR, because some missions requires good timing for firing missiles or proton torpedoes to targets as well as avoiding incoming asteroids on your route.

  • Utilize your  Power to Blasters, Power to Shields, Jam and EMP Burst

These 4 abilities will help you a lot to overcome enemies quite effectively in those heroic space missions.

    • Power to Blasters SWTOR - Intro to Space Combat - Power to Blasters

It boosts up your blasters’ damage in exchange of decreasing your shield generation rate. When to use it:

      • Always on when you shooting enemy targets.
    • Power to Shields  SWTOR - Intro to Space Combat - Power to Shields

It boosts up your shield generation rate in exchange of decreasing your blasters’ damage. When to use it:

      • When don’t have enemies around you.
      • When your shield is almost gone and no primary targets are around you.
      • Bear in mind, you need to stop shooting to able to regenerate shield back.
    • Jam Ability SWTOR - Intro to Space Combat - Jam

Enemies won’t be able to target you for certain time period. When to use it:

      • When the area is too hot. In other words, when you can’t take too much shooting at a time.
    • EMP Burst SWTOR - Intro to Space Combat - EMP Burst

It does huge damage to all enemies in the radius. On a side note, Grade 7 EMP Burst also disables all shields on enemies. When to use it:

      • On minefields, that’s an obvious one.
      • When you are close to enemy frigates, especially when you have Grade 7 EMP Burst, which will disable shields of enemy targets and you will have easier time to take them down.
  • Ship Movement – 360 [W-D-S-A] Manoeuvre

Your ship movement is also important to avoid enemy fire, especially in situations when your shield is low or your Jam ability is on cooldown. An effective way to avoid enemy fire without losing your focus target at the same time, is to use your ordinary movement buttons; on clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation – W > D > S > A or W > A > S > D. With this way you can save your Jam ability for tougher situations and also you won’t have to switch between Blasters & Shields booster too often. Also, in some cases, with this tactic, you can finish off enemy heavy shooter without using missiles which can be used to take out shield generators from enemy frigates.

  • Targeting System: Proton Torpedoes

Many new pilots don’t know how to use the Proton Torpedoes. Their targeting system is a bit different from what the missiles have, but is quite simple. Proton Torpedoes using the same button for firing as the missiles do – right mouse button – but in this case, you need to hold the button for a few seconds until you see a red locking indication to your target. Then, once you release the mouse button, torpedo is fired and it won’t miss.

torpedoe targeting system 1

If you would like to see these tips into action to have a better understanding, you can watch the following video. Have fun !

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