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This week Zenimax Online shared with community some interesting informations about combat through their regular Ask Us Anything column. As to be expected, after the release of this article to the public , analysis and speculation took place as the main topic in most popular ESO podcasts. We also had a funny episode of Troll Scroll which focused on 3 debates from TESO gameplay features.
  • Ask Us Anything: Combat

This time, Ask Us Anything gave to the community some more defined answers about combat. At last we see interesting infos about the gameplay to be revealed to the public. This time, Zeminax Online Team answered community’s questions about combat. Here is a glimpse from this very important article.

Would you please explain the soft locking system in detail? For example, how does it interact with dodge? Does it apply to melee attacks, or just ranged? During missile travel time, is it possible for another target to intervene between you and your existing soft lock target to take the attack? – By Matt Feisthammel

You must be facing your target to hit it. However, soft locking allows you to pick a target out of a crowd to hit. It is possible that your target could be behind another target. You would hit the target you had soft-locked, provided you were aiming at them. Another target could not step in the way of the soft-locked target to prevent you from hitting your soft-locked target. As for dodging? The target can execute a roll dodge or evasion move to avoid attack.

How important will the ‘holy trinity’ be in PvE endgame/raids? Will dedicated tanks and healers be required, or will lighter armored characters be able to utilize the dodge system well enough to serve as competent tanks? Will healers need to focus entirely on healing, or will a more offensive spellcaster be able to sustain his group via spot heals? – By Lynx

Let’s have some fun here. This is what one of our internal testers sent out on Wednesday, February 27th. This email is unedited other than removing the ending of the letter which would sound a little too self-congratulatory of the tester.

Yesterday in the lunchtime dungeon test, our group of four (all at level 12) included:
·  1 Templar with light armor and healing staff, abilities focusing on healing
·  1 Templar with light armor and dual wield, Templar abilities focusing on healing
·  1 Dragonknight with light armor and destruction staff
·  1 Sorcerer with heavy armor and dual wield
This was with no real consultation with each other while making characters, other than ensuring there was at least one healer. For the sake of the dungeon we really could have used a true tank (the closest we had was the sorcerer wearing heavy armor and using unstable familiar to get the monster’s attention, with no real “keep myself alive” abilities), but as a group we were (eventually) able to take down the Fungal Grotto bosses. More to the point, with four players making independent choices in abilities and gear, three of the four made builds that defied the standard templates – and yet felt perfectly viable in actual play. The players were each able to build a character to their own taste with class abilities as a supplement, rather than the rigid defining aspect to the character, and have effective characters.

So in summation, we’re pretty happy watching the progression system allow people to play the way they want in the groups they want to play in.

I have a question about your targeting system for combat, from what I’ve heard there will be a soft targeting system. My question is: How does this system work in raids/large PvP groups for healers? Will healers have a hard time finding players, and keeping track of their group’s health? – By Jacob Avila

Soft-lock targeting doesn’t really affect healing because you don’t have to find your target to heal them. You don’t target allies. Most of our heals are area-of-effects (AoEs) or cone effects. To be effective, you might want to stay in the middle of your allies for AoEs or face them for cone effects. Healers will need to be aware of their environment of course, and pay attention to the battle.

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  • ESO Cast: Combat (E7)

TESO Podcast with Jesse n Force

In this episode, Force and Jessie analysed the Ask Us Anything:Combat article.
    • Soft Locking 
They talked about their thoughts in Soft Locking targeting system and they analysed both sides of the coin. In the article, says that when someone launch an attack to his soft-locking target, nobody else can step in and prevent the attack. At this point, Force was concern what is going on before the attacker launch his attack on a pvp situation. Can the attacker still be able to hit his main target or the soft-locking picking the person who is in front him ? They both speculate that the attacker needs to move in this case to pick a clear view to his target. This will give to players and the combat itself a lot of movement and tactics which is a positive sign. From the negative point of view, this case may seem annoying to ranger attackers who will have a hard time to find a clear path for their targets.
    • Holy Trinity
For Holy Trinity the main concern was the effectiveness of the group. We saw something similar to GW2 where any group build could finish any dungeon as well. Jessie’s concern wasn’t if the dungeon can be finished or not, but  what the players prefer; effective way to do it and move on or do it just for the fun ? I am with Jessie on this. At the end, it comes down to be effective, especially on farming situations for acquiring gear. Yes, fun is a good factor for motivation, but not repeatedly.
    • Freedom of Builds
Later on they had an interesting mini-discussion for the freedom of character builds and how effective can be under certain circumstances. Jessie mentioned that many games in the past had some nice features with  great potential but in the end, those features couldn’t work in practice effectively. That means, a random build can work, lets say in a dungeon run, but a most specialised build could work better, thus most  players prefer it. If this is the case, then this random build will stay to oblivion eventually and that’s Jessie’s concern. It could be fun to play, but mix&max comes first in most competitive cases.

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  • Troll Scroll: The Great Debate (E16)


Troll Scroll made a funny episode this week. They pick 3 topics which their co-hosts could debate about them.
    • Multi Guild Join
Sophie and Dan were on the same side on this one by supporting the idea of multi-guild join while Tim was against it. Personally, I am with Tim, simply because it will cause too much drama in the guild community. Especially trust on member who jumping from one guild to another will be shacked. It would be challenging to arrange guild spots for raids or special events with members who aren’t full-time on that guild. 
    • Faction Lokced Areas
Sophie and Dan supported the idea of Faction locked areas because this way ganging is vaporized, but also because the lore of the game gives the feeling of war between them. From the other side Tim had a valid point to be against it and this is the exploration. Forcing players to roll alts to be able to explore the rest of the game is a minus point for the game itself. Again, I am with Tim on this one, there are many ways to exterminate ganging without locking faction areas. One simply way is to make PvP unavailable outside Cyrodiil, this way people can have faction quests which involving evasion to enemy factions and experience the lore of the game in more prismatic way.
    • First Person View
Sophie and Tim supported the concerns of many ES funs for the First Person Vew that it wont look like the original view on single player games. Dan from the other side, had a good point that since is an MMO game, all kind of players will be in situations where First Person View won’t be helpful. Personally, this debate will only affect the hardcore funs on ES games. The rest of players I don’t think they will bother too much with such detail.

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Thats all from this weekly news report, have fun and enjoy your Weekend !

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