Neverwinter: Boss Fights – Oll’ Noth the Dominator

Neverwinter - Boss Fights - Oll Noth the Dominator - Header

This encounter is a bit messy not because of the number of adds, but because of their abilities, mostly Crowd Control (CC). Also, the red hot zone areas sometimes are overlapped and can’t be easily spotted on the crystal floor. So you have to be extra cautious.

As the group starts the encounter, everyone should focus to kill the Bodyguard who does a nasty siphon spell and draws everyone to him, following up with a powerful aoe which can take out 60% of health if failed to be dodged / blocked.

Once the Bodyguard is out, the group needs to focus on adds first and then on Boss as happens in most boss encounters in Neverwinter. If there is a tank in the group, he/she should pick up the adds to make the job easier for others.

At around 30% the second Bodyguard will spawn. If there is a tank in the group, he/she MUST pick him fast and draw him away from the rest of the group so his siphon ability won’t kill the others. This deadly ability is the reason of the most wipes on this encounter. In case the group doesn’t have a tank, whoever is more flexible to avoid Bodyguard’s siphon, should pick him up and get him away from the rest of the group. Group’s priority is to kill all the adds and once they are all dead, then players can deal with Bodyguard.

When Bodyguard is down, will be another small wave of adds before the end, which isn’t something special.

The key to have a successful attempt without wipe is to draw the 2nd Bodyguard away from the rest of the group. At the point he pops out, most of the players have already used their stamina to dodge other adds in result to be caught into his siphon and got instant death or major wounds.

In case of wipe, Oll’ Noth will be spawned alone without the 1st Bodyguard and adds. So, basically the group fights one Bodyguard instead of two overall. This encounter is slightly easier but again the 2nd Bodyguard will be spawn at the 30% health of Oll’ Noth.

If the group’s plan is to farming Astral Diamonds through this skirmish, wipe isn’t an option, if players want the max output from that session. 

Seperate Line - Invert


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