Neverwinter: Heroic Clock Tower # Boss Fight – Vansi Bloodscar

Neverwinter - Boss Fights - Vansi Bloodscar - Header

First of all, this is the easiest heroic dungeon in Neverwinter. Its the 1st heroic the players will experience and in my opinion it should be harder. In overall, running through this dungeon is boring because players expect something more interesting when it is labelled as “heroic”

The dungeon, as all other dungeons, doesn’t have major differences from the normal version. Basically, the boss’ damage and HPs are boosted up and also more adds added to the boss encounters.

Vansi Bloodscar Tactics:

Option 1: Group with Tank and high DPS classes (Rage Mode)

In this case, everyone is focusing on boss for most of the time, so the group kills him fast which result with less adds spawned overall. This is a bit of risky option for some groups; the tank needs to have good gear or spec to be able to sustain all the damage from adds, since his job is to keep them away from rest of the group. If your group tried this option and failed (which is quite rare), then try to the option 2 which is safer.

Option 2: Any group setup (Safe Mode)

In this option, the dps is split in 2 roles. Most of the DPS should guard the cleric (if the group has one) by killing the adds when they are swarming him or the tank if the group has one. By the setup of the group and the overall DPS performance from the score board, 1 or 2 DPS should be on boss all the time. So it wont take too long to kill him, which will result with too many adds and wipe.

The next video is recorded with Option 1 but bear in mind that the group was well geared for this dungeon.


  1. This is quite easy dungeon and doesn’t require any kind of special setup or player skill. Although the last boss could be a bit mess with certain groups (don’t know what to do), its pretty easy to overcome this encounter with any setup and lowest Gear Score (GS) required.
  2. The heroic version of Clock Tower is a nice tactic to farm T1 gear before a player moves deeper into more challenging heroics. This is a good option especially for players who randomly joining heroic dungeons by queueing solo (pugging).


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