Neverwinter: Heroic Temple of Idris # Boss Fight – Idris the Revenant

Neverwinter - Boss Fights - Idris the Revenant - Header

Idris the Revenant Tactics:

This boss is quite easy once the group knows the right tactic. First of all, once the group is inside the final room needs to make small pulls until the puller reaches the Boss. All the fights are better to be done close the entrance because the space is more wide spread. So, the puller makes small pulls and draw the pack of mobs down to the rest of the group where they can be killed without getting additional aggro.

When the path is cleared for puller to reach the Boss, he/she pulls her down to the entrance. Along with Boss will come some archers and 2 elite Hulks. At this point, everyone kills the minor adds besides the 2 Hulks and then focus to kill the Boss. One group member, usually the tank if there is any, will take the 2 Hulks away from Idris and kite them. So, the rest of the group can kill Idris quite easy. Still, everyone needs to move away from the purple orbs, but at least they won’t have to worry about the Hulks. Once Idris is dead, the group can focus on Hulks to finish the encounter.


  1. Hulks’ damage is devastating and also knock the player down. By seperate them from Idris, it gives great advantage to the rest of the group to focus on boss and kill it fast.
  2. Whoever tanks the 2 Hulks, try not to kill them until the boss is dead. If the Hulks are dead before Idris, she will repop another pack along with some archers.
  3. Idris occasionally will teleport close to the player who has the 2 Hulks on him. At this case, the tank should move away asap and make sure the Hulks will follow him.

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